It’s Time to Power-Up with this White Label Solution

Power-up your product stack with a tried and tested high-quality white label solution for Service Providers to deliver measurable value to your customers.

white label solution

What is a white-label solution

White Labelling is a business-to-business model involving manufacturers/software developers to remove their brand identity, like their logo, from the end product. In other words, this white label solution model allows Service Providers (multiple resellers) to brand the generic product with their branding and market it to their niche consumer base.  

4 Advantages of white label solutions for Service Providers

1. Branding

Your customers see your branding. Your name and logo will be front and centre of the product. 

2. Save time & money

It is excessively costly and time-consuming to develop software. It can take months, even years to produce a piece of software with a professional team of developers. So why reinvent the wheel when you, as a Service Provider, can use an existing white-label solution?

3. High-quality products

You get access to a high-quality product that has already been tried and tested. And as the resources and technical expertise development and enhancement the product and features further, you benefit from the continuous upgrades.  

4. Risk-free

Ultimately, you skip the dreaded design and programming process and pay for the developer’s expertise while enjoying a quality solution. And if something goes wrong, there is no risk to you as the development team is responsible to fix bugs and take care of any quality challenges.

So your only responsibility is to think of the proposition and take it to the market.

Why is o365Automated available as a White Label Solution to Service Providers?

o365Automated believes in building long-lasting relationships with business partners. And making the product available to Service Providers allow o365Automated the opportunity to enter an existing market established through the ISP’s customer loyalty towards their branded products and services.

Get in touch with o365Automated for a no obligation Demo and let’s get you powered-up.