Streamline Mundane Repetitive Tasks with Endorsed Automation

Streamline mundane repetitive tasks and say farewell to everyday duplicate workforce efforts with Automation. 

streamline mundane repetitive tasks

How to streamline mundane repetitive tasks

Applications are developed and designed daily to address only specific requirements. And as technology evolves and business processes adapt, the demand for a more complex solution is flaring. As more and more applications emerge, it is becoming clear that all are working independently from each other, causing the continuous duplication of workforce effort. And with this dissemination, the concept of o365Automated is inspired.

o365Automated focuses on bridging the gap by streamlining mundane, repetitive tasks and activities for your IT team by automating Microsoft 365 processes. Simplification means a decrease in effort and a reduction in time, allowing your team to focus on what matters. From a daily routine task to a complex multi-system challenge… o365Automated will simplify and automate your Microsoft 365 processes. 

Build automation through custom workflows for Microsoft 365

Create custom workflows using your parameters and conditions to automate and streamline mundane, repetitive tasks in business processes across Microsoft 365, including Teams and selected Azure features. Furthermore, automation enables cost savings to your business by eliminating errors.


Build your workflows on events (add, delete, and update) for: Users | Groups | Calls | Calendar Events | E-mail | Contacts

Build a workflow to:

  • Automatically add or remove licenses
  • Assign or reassign Teams Direct routing / Operator Connect numbers
  • Send out a welcome e-mail on the new services with training links.
Types of automation
  • Powershell
  • System Integration Workflows
  • OnBoarding of Users
  • Dev Ops
Built-in Automation for Microsoft 365 Teams
  • Subscriptions
  • Devices used to connect
  • Data Storage location
  • Number of SharePoint files
  • List of SharePoint sites and owners of each
Streamline mundane repetitive tasks with o365Automated

o365Automated is changing the way we approach those everyday boring and routine tasks and activities. It’s a tool to make work faster, easier, and more consistent. And by automating Microsoft 365 process workflows, your business reduces the need for manual work, limits human error, and minimizes repetitive tasks.

And recently the o365Automated solution has been extended to on-prem. This means that we can now execute automated workflows for on-prem as well.

Get in touch with o365Automated and let’s set up your automated workflows.