How to Reduce Costs

Find out how to reduce costs through cost centre allocation and align your budget to track expenses while showing profitability.

how to reduce costs

How to reduce costs through Cost Centre allocation?

The simple definition of a cost centre is a department or function in a business that does not generate revenue or add to profits on its own but costs the business money in terms of overhead expenses. In general, businesses clarify cost centres as support, services, and administrative roles. Even though these roles do not generate revenue, business constantly ask how they are reducing their costs.

What is the role of a cost centre manager?

The role of a cost centre manager or department/function manager is fiscal responsibility. They develop an annual budget and are responsible for all transactions charged to the centre. And these transactions include gathering, tracking, and managing all expenses of their particular division.

How to reduce costs with o365Automated

It is eminent to monitor the performance of cost, profit, and investment within the business. Therefore Cost Centre Managers require accurate and adequate information to manage their transactions efficiently.

For this reason, with the o365Automated SAAS Platform, the roles and responsibilities of the Cost Centre managers are made easy. You can link Microsoft 365 licenses and Teams call statistics to the relevant cost center. Therefore, you can report on license allocation, license usage, Teams call costs and inactive Teams PSTN for each department or function.

Using newly-formed data and information is how managers can reduce costs and align with budget allocations while helping the business track expenses.


Receive a breakdown of licenses and see just how easy it is to reduce costs in your business:

  • How many licenses are assigned to which cost centre
  • What type of licenses are assigned to which cost centre
  • View Call stats based on a cost centre
  • Monitor which users are not using Teams PSTN calling functionality.

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