Effective Access Control to Secure Your Environment

Get more control by granting differing levels of access.

access control

Security through Granular Access Control

Grant differing access levels to a particular user or group of users and control what they are authorized to do while accessing the system.


  • Create Access Levels to specified Menu items only.
  • Add a user or a group of users to specific Access Levels already created.
  • Restrict a user or a group of users by their Region, Domain, or Office Location.

Furthermore, with granular access control you allow only an authorized user or group of users to have access to:

User Management | Approve Changes | View Licenses | Edit Phone Numbers | Manage Domains | Edit Company Notifications | Manage Cost Centres

Row Level Security

What is Row Level Security (RLS)?

Row Level Security (RLS) restricts and filters table data visible under defined security policies. In other words, it limits the number of data rows exposed to a particular user or group of users.

In general, you apply row-level data security access controls in two steps. Firstly, you create the RLS filter function to determine who can view which data. Secondly, you develop a security policy at the table level. And then use it to implement row-level security access control.

Why use Row Level Security?

  • To restrict access to company data and prevent unwanted changes to data by employees who do not work directly with the data.
  • To restrict access to sensitive data.
  • To restrict access for compliance reasons.

What is the difference between Granular Access Control and Row Level Security?

Let’s simplify the difference between granular access control and row-level security. Granular access control allows your business to control users’ entry to only specific areas in the system. For example, you can limit them to only certain menu items.

Imagine you visit a restaurant before 11 o’clock. The waiter gives you the breakfast menu as they don’t serve lunch before noon. So you don’t have access to the lunch menu and therefore won’t order from there. The waiter uses granular access to control the limited menu items you can order from.

Additionally, let’s look at Row Level Security and how this is operational in our daily lives. Attorneys need to comply with regulations and therefore have strict access to any of their client’s data. Similarly, multi-tenant applications need logical separation between their tenants’ data. With o365Automated, you restrict data access for given users. As a result, only privileged users can view their company or client data.

Stay secure with o365Automated's access control

The SAAS Platform gives you extensive access control to manage your environment. You decide who gets to see what on the system and restrict access to avoid unnecessary problems. Contact us for a free demo and experience the control!