Discover the TOP 10 Microsoft 365 Automation Benefits with o365Automated

Applications are developed and designed daily to address only specific requirements. And as technology evolves and business processes adapt, the demand for a more complex solution is flaring. As more and more applications emerge, it is becoming clear that all are working independently from each other, causing the continuous duplication of workforce effort. And with this dissemination, the concept of o365Automated is inspired.

o365Automated focuses on automating Microsoft 365 processes through streamlining mundane and repetitive tasks, which decrease human error, increase the speed of delivery, and boost quality while reducing costs. o365Automated incorporates software, people, and processes to create a complete automated workflow.

Discover the top 10 benefits for your business when using o365Automated.

Benefit_streamline mundane repetitive tasks


o365Automated focuses on bridging the gap by simplifying mundane and repetitive tasks for your IT team by automating Microsoft 365 processes. Whether it is on-prem or off-prem, we can execute automated workflows to simplify your team’s activities. Simplification means a decrease in effort and a reduction in time, allowing your team to focus on what matters.

Build automation through custom workflows for Microsoft 365

Create custom workflows using your parameters and conditions to streamline and automate mundane business processes across Microsoft 365, including Teams and selected Azure features. 


Build your workflows on events (add, delete, and update) for:

Users | Groups | Calls | Calendar Events | E-mail | Contacts

Build a workflow to:

  • Automatically add or remove licenses
  • Assign or reassign Teams Direct routing / Operator Connect numbers
  • Send out a welcome e-mail on the new services with training links.
benefit_reporting and dashboards


O365Automated structures unstructured data that empowers your business with insights into critical operations through enhanced, user-friendly dashboards and reporting. The newly structured data offers flexibility and gives your business a deeper understanding of employee behavior and cost management to increase efficiencies. 

Why do you need notifications?

Monitor and improve call quality in Microsoft Teams

The three main call health issues that cause negative user experience are Packet loss, Jitter, and Round-Trip. o365Automated offers a monitoring service to improve your Microsoft Teams’ call quality, consequently your end-user experience. 

Microsoft license management is made easy

The SAAS platform is a Microsoft 365 license management tool that gives you a comprehensive view. When license allocations start running low, you need to be notified first.

Successful Microsoft 365 user Management

You provide your employees the freedom to manage their own data, but any changes need to be accepted by the relevant manager.

Dashboard Analytics

Access a dashboard view of call statistics and trends. Each graph (using Microsoft’s recommended thresholds/parameters) changes colour once pre-defined conditions are exceeded. 

Real-Time Reporting

What does Real-Time reporting mean when you look at o365Automated reporting on Microsoft Teams Call Quality? Read more about Real-Time reporting.

Historical Reporting

The system refreshes the data every 3 hours to consolidate and display the latest data in this report.

Stay in control with alert notifications

System notifications are set up based on user activity or license activity. And the audience will determine the delivery medium of the notifications, either by Email, Teams Chat, or both. You can set the frequency and the period to send the alerts.


Structured data at its best, providing management a comprehensive yet simplistic view into their business.

benefit_granular access control


Grant differing access levels to a particular user or group of users and determine what they are authorized to do while accessing the system.


  • Create Access Levels to specified Menu items only.
  • Add a user or a group of users to specific Access Levels already created.
  • Restrict a user or a group of users by their Region, Domain, or Office Location.

Row Level Security

Row Level Security restricts and filters table data visible under defined security policies. In other words, it limits the number of data rows exposed to a particular user or group of users.

Why use Row Level Security?

  • To restrict access to company data and prevent unwanted changes to data by employees who do not work directly with the data.
  • To restrict access to sensitive data.
  • To restrict access for compliance reasons.


White Labelling is a business-to-business model involving manufacturers/software developers to remove their brand identity, like their logo, from the end product. This model allows multiple resellers (Service providers) to brand the generic product with their branding and market it to their niche consumer base.

Learn more about the thinking behind why o365Automated is making this tried and tested product available to Service Providers. 

benefit_white label solution for Service Providers

4 Advantages of white label solutions to Service Providers



Your customers see your branding. 


Save time & money

It is costly and time-consuming to develop software. So why reinvent the wheel when you can use an existing white-label product?


High-quality products

You get access to a high-quality product that has already been tried and tested. And benefit from further developments and enhancements to the product. 



There is no risk to you if something goes wrong as the development team is responsible to fix bugs and take care of any quality challenges.

how to reduce costs


It is eminent to monitor the performance of cost, profit, and investment within the business. Cost Centre Managers require accurate and adequate information to manage their transactions efficiently.


Cost Centre allocation with o365Automated

With the o365Automated SAAS Platform, the roles and responsibilities of the Cost Centres manager are made easy. You can link Microsoft 365 licenses and Teams call statistics to the relevant cost centre. Therefore, you can report on license allocation, license usage, Teams call costs, and inactive Teams PSTN for each department or function.


Receive a breakdown of licenses:

  • How many licenses are assigned to which cost centre
  • What type of licenses are assigned to which cost centre
  • View Call stats based on a cost centre
  • Monitor which users are not using Teams PSTN calling functionality
benefit_fast and scalable

Empower your business, from Silicon Valley to Cape Town, with a fast and scalable solution because you manage all your Teams Voice Capabilities on One Platform. 

benefit_ease of use

Discover the ease of Microsoft Teams Phone Number Management. Bulk provisioning at its best! 

benefit_super user

Get more with your designated resources who will become internal experts on o365Automated.

benefit_fixed user cost

Free 7-day trial period* and a fixed user license cost. Ts & Cs Apply.


Guaranteed GLOBAL support is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.