The o365Automated SAAS platform comprise of services and monitoring services designed to help your business reclaim control. With innovative thinking and insights, o365Automated focuses on bridging the gap by integrating the functionalities and capabilities of all your Microsoft 365 applications.

We strive to make mundane, repetitive tasks simpler by automating the process. Simplification means effort and time reduction allowing your team to focus on what matters.

Simplify Microsoft 365
Innovate with Microsoft 365
Automate Microsoft 365


Discover Professional Services that provide monitoring services, support services, and consulting solutions that deliver results from day one. o365Automated positively disrupts your business to transform the way people work and communicate, allowing you to reclaim control.

BENEFITS OF o365Automated

Benefit_streamline mundane repetitive tasks

Streamline Mundane Repetitive Tasks

Say farewell to everyday repetitive tasks and save costs by eliminating errors.

benefit_fast and scalable

Fast and scalable

Empower your business with a fast and scalable solution because you manage all your Teams Voice Capabilities on One Platform.

benefit_ease of use

Ease of Use

Discover the ease of Microsoft Teams Phone Number Management. Bulk provisioning at its best!

benefit_white label solution for Service Providers

White Label Solution

Power-up your product stack with a tried and tested high-quality solution and deliver measurable value to your customers.

benefit_reporting and dashboards

Single View

A single point of truth dashboard with user information, user activity, and license per device statistics in real-time.

how to reduce costs

Reduce Costs

Keep costs aligned with budget allocation and help business track expenses while showing profitability to justify cost allocation.

benefit_granular access control


Get more control by granting differing levels of access.

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